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The expected number of young people joining the African workforce every year for the next two decades

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By 2030, Africa will be home to over a quarter of the world's under-25 population

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Africa will be home to nearly a fifth of the world's working-age population by the year 2030

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Africa's urbanized population will exceed 700mn (or more than 50% of the continent's population) by 2030

Jobseekers will continually need to reskill and employers will require better ways to vet these skills.

upskhill will help both sides succeed.

With our one-stop platform, jobseekers and employees can have access to upskilling opportunities, while employers can source and vet talent.

Using our Skills Passport - a scorecard that is generated from users’ progress and performance as they complete relevant upskilling courses - employers can better assess both prospective and current employees’ skills and expertise across various disciplines.


Hire from a pool of skilled and vetted candidates.

Jobseekers / Employees

Learn from experienced professionals in your preferred field.

Experienced Professionals

Teach online courses based on your skills and experience and earn extra income.

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