Boost Your Productivity with AI

By: upskhill

11 September 2023

The world of work is evolving at a rapid pace. The catalyst? Technological advancements, primarily driven by the onset of artificial intelligence (AI).

But what is AI, and how can it boost your productivity in the workplace? Let's explore.

AI is about creating machines that mimic human intelligence. It encompasses everything from a computer programme that can improve its performance over time to complex systems that can beat world champions at board games. At upskhill, we believe in harnessing the power of technology, particularly AI, to enable workers and employers to succeed in this new era.

Boosting Productivity with AI: Practical Insights

  • Communication and Correspondence: Use tools like Drift or Intercom to set up AI-driven chatbots that handle common customer service queries. Additionally, transcribes meetings in real-time, making note-taking a breeze.

  • Data Entry and Management: MonkeyLearn can process text-based data and categorize it automatically. Similarly, Alteryx uses AI for data wrangling and analytics.

  • Time Management: AI-powered tools like and Clara can schedule meetings, optimizing your calendar and setting reminders for you.

  • Documentation: Einstein Vision by Salesforce uses image recognition to process and categorize documents, making manual sorting obsolete.

  • Daily Operations: ClearMetal uses AI for inventory and demand forecasting, ensuring stock levels are always optimized.

  • Customer and Client Interaction: Dynamic Yield offers personalization at scale, tailoring products or service suggestions to individual client preferences.

  • Billing and Finances: Platforms like Koho utilize AI to categorize expenses, offering real-time insights into your spending.

  • Employee Management: Pymetrics uses neuroscience-based games and AI to match candidates' emotional and cognitive abilities with company profiles.

  • Security and Compliance: Darktrace uses AI to detect and respond to cyber threats, ensuring company data remains secure.

  • Research and Analysis: Crisp uses AI to scan the web, identifying trends and insights pertinent to your industry.

How the upskhill Team Uses AI Daily

The team at upskhill leverages AI, especially ChatGPT, in various innovative ways. For generating fresh marketing ideas, supporting business development initiatives, and reprioritizing operational tasks, ChatGPT has been indispensable. But the magic isn't just in using ChatGPT; it's about mastering the art of creating precise prompts.

For instance, while you could tell ChatGPT, "Draft a cold email to the manager of a supermarket...", it's far more effective to frame it as: "Imagine you are the head of sales at a large fast-moving consumer goods company named XYZ. Information about the company is as follows [...]. Write a cold email to the manager of a supermarket chain named ABC pitching your new coffee brand. Details about the coffee are [...]." This approach ensures a more detailed, relevant, and contextual output. Try and see the difference.


AI, with its vast potential, can be a significant game-changer for individuals and businesses. And while AI tools like ChatGPT are powerful, using them effectively requires a blend of precision and creativity. Here at upskhill, we're dedicated to harnessing this power for a brighter, more efficient future.

Stay tuned for more insights. Remember, in the age of rapid technological advancement, it's not just about upskilling; it's about staying ahead.

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AI is a game-changer, but the secret is in creating precise prompts. It's not just about using AI; it's about using it effectively.

AI, with its vast potential, can be a significant game-changer for individuals and businesses.

In the age of rapid technological advancement, it's not just about upskilling; it's about staying ahead.

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